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About Dosso Dossi

The Dosso Dossi Group of Companies is adapting its unconventional and guest oriented approach it has adopted towards the textile sector and the industry to serve the tourism sector. Establishing its first hotel serving at the heart of the tourism sector in the historical peninsula by employing the concept of a “Children Friendly Hotel” offering a range of exclusive services, the Dosso Dossi Group of Companies receives its name from the 17th century painter Giovann, De LuteriDosso Dossi who is one of the few artists known for his perfectionism. The Dosso Dossi Tourism Group will continue to offer its services, exceeding current expectations through the employment of different concepts by transforming into a chain of hotels that will expand through the establishment of new hotels in various locations throughout Istanbul in the next year and throughout the country in the following years, adopting a sustainable approach to tourism under the Dosso Dossi brand.